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Juin 2023
Juillet 2023
03 juil.07 juil. 2023

16th edition of the International Conference on Organic Electronics (ICOE2023)

This year’s 16th edition of ICOE will be held from July 3rd to 7th at Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). ICOE yearly conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers from academia and industry to discuss fundamental aspects of organic semiconductors, demonstrate their position on the road-map for organic electronics and exchange ideas on new materials, technologies, and future applications. The conference will cover all areas related to organic electronics and photonics including chemistry, physics, biology, materials science, nanoscience, device engineering and commercialization.

Août 2023
27 août01 sept. 2023

11th International Conference on Molecular Electronics

The main purpose of the conference is an up-to-date scientific exchange on recent advances in the field of molecular electronics, gathering researchers from all over the world around top-level invited speakers.