12 months

Postdoctoral Fellow in polymer-based electroactive materials

In the framework of the industrial chair SMILE “Smart Polymer Ferrotronic Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Energy Conversion” in collaboration with ARKEMA, ISORG, IMRIMERIE DE FRANCE and VALEO companies, a postdoctoral fellow is sought to work on an interdisciplinary project targeting the development of applicative demonstrators (energy transducers, flexible sensors, electromechanical actuators) based on the formulation, processing via printing methodologies and optimization of PVDF-based polymers.
Pr. Guillaume Fleury - Contacter
Location: LCPO, Bordeaux, France

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MCF - Physics and Photonics

The assistant professor will conduct his/her research activities at the Laser Physics Department in the groups Optics in Random Media (OMA), Organic Photonics and Lasers (OPAL) or Metrology, Molecules and Fundamental Tests (MMTF). He/she will propose an experimental project that fits into the themes of these teams.